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The importance of reading

Today we are going to discuss the importance of reading. Reading has been in our lives since the middle ages but it faded away in the begining of this century. Mainly under teenagers it isn't popular anymore. Therefore I wanted you to show the importance of reading. Because a lot of people don't see the use in books nowadays. So let's get started,
Reading has a lot of benefits to the mind. The first benefit is that the mind needs the practice of reading to sense the words it sees. It develops the ability to connect the words to images in the head. So how more you read how faster and better you will read. And it will give you a bigger arsenal of vocabulary. Further reading create the ability to focus better and really listen to people in general. Because you train your brain to concentrate on one thing at a time. It also improves your memory because when we read, we are using our memory muscle. Joseph ones used a great metaphor, which explains it all;
Reading is to the m…
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How to Create a Master Plan for Your Life

In life, most of us have have a vision. Something we long to get to. The same account for me. I have a vision and I envision it everyday. Although, when I was younger I didn’t. I had a view on how I wanted life to be when I become older. I did nothing with it, most of us don’t. But, that is so wrong. Because if you want to accomplish your vision and become the greatest version of yourself you will have to plan your life out, at least a little bit. To start with goals and than planning. So, today I want to talk to you about how to create a master plan for your life :)

Find your passion
Before I talk about goals and planning. you have got to make sure that you have a clear vision for your life. Of course not all of us have that vision. And if you don’t have a purpose yet, don’t worry. But divide your time to finding on.
Read lots of books. Different ones. Start with, for example,  self-help books and psychology. Next to that traveling helps seeing new perspectives. What is possible. A…

6 Ways to Step Up Your Happiness Game

Time for time, I realize that my mind is making my life busy. By thinking that I am too busy and have to many things to do. And earlier in my teenage years, it sometimes just got me. I would spent days figuring out why I was feeling so busy. After a while, I realized that when I took a moment for myself, out of nowhere I felt inner peace. I was happy. But after a while the routine got me again. This routine got me a halve year long. After that halve year, I have learned how to take care of my busy mind. And find the happiness within me. Therefore, I want to share seven ways how you can become happier.

1. Start Mindfulness
Starting mindfulness is the begin of happiness. It let’s you be more aware of reality. It shows you that you are awesome! That you can become everything you have ever dreamed of. You can simply start by meditation for 5 minutes each day. Or start reading some mindfulness books. I recommend reading ‘things you only see when you slow down’ by Haemin. That will give yo…

How to Stay Motivated in Life!

Self-motivation is one of the most popular topic from self cultivating. And we haven’t discussed it yet. So, today I am going to talk about motivation. We all have new year’s resolutions. Such as joining a gym and being fit. Although 42 percent of Americans never make New Year's Resolutions the reality, showed by this study. And in order to stick to your resolutions you will have to stay motivated. Motivation is your key for putting hard work in your life. Work, which will you help you to develop yourself. With that purpose, I am going to discuss how to stay motivated. So, you can join the 41% of Americans who usually make New Year's Resolutions till each end of the year.

Chunking is one of the most effective thing to do. Chunking means doing a certain project in little steps. Chunking is good for you because when splitting a project up in smaller projects you will complete the project faster, but also stay motivated. For the reason, you accomplish more goals. And w…

5 Key Points to Accompish your Goals

Before I started self actualizing. I always had big dreams and goals. Never wrote them down, but I had them in my mind. I thought with that attitude I was going to make it happen. Although, now I realize it is the other way around. People, in general, want to realize their goals, including me. But, they fail at the very beginning, with the goal setting process. And I think that shouldn’t happen. So, today I am going to help you to improve your goal setting. To make your goals, come true.

The basics
To start, we are going to discuss the basics. To make goals more clear you firstly will have to write them down. Make those goals big. And with big I mean really big. So, you only are 60% sure of it. Even if, you want to become the president of America ;) Because I know you can accomplish anything. Not a couple, but a lot. For example, a thirty (Honestly, I myself can only come up with twenty). Later on, you will see that some goals are not that well fitted for your lifestyle. So, you can…

How traveling changes your life

I think we all know traveling equals a lot of fun. Although traveling also is quite useful, and can change your life. Because seeing new cultures and countries let’s you see new perspectives of life. Also if you are backpacking you will have to let go of the your comfort zone. As a result you will let new things into your life and will new things sooner and sooner. And today I wanted to share you how traveling will change your world in different ways. So, let’s get started :)

1.  You have to change attitude against things you hate
When traveling to, for example, Vietnam you will have to eat what locals are eating. And change your way at looking food from Vietnam. Or for instance, I will have to learn to make choices. Because when you are traveling I am certainly going to be forced to make them. So, it will change my attitude against it.

2. When traveling solo, you will find your own independence
Because you are alone. You will have to do everything on your own. Find a place to stay, fo…

How observation improves yourself

Last week I talked with a good friend of mine about observation. How we could learn from others, just by observing them. I was really interested in this subject. And did some research and there is a lot about observation out there, on the internet. Mainly, I like the idea of observing because you learn a lot about others. Because body language is universal and the same applies to facial expressions. Besides, the body language, there is also a lot to learn about leaders. How they become successful and how we can learn from them by observation. Therefore, today we are going to discuss observation.

What is observation
Firstly, let’s talk about the basics; What is observation and what not. Observation is accurate description of what is accuring. Based on objective observation. Such as, a baby smiles, a mother which turns to the baby touches her cheek. Notice these things accuring but don’t judge it. So don’t base your observation on subjective detection. For example, a baby wants attenti…

The deeper states of meditation

After practicing meditation for quite some time I noticed there are different states in meditation. We often see mediation as daydreaming, it isn’t. Meditation is an active observation with your senses. And the importance of meditation is be more aware of this life. Because we live in it but most people don’t feel like living in it. And meditation will give the awareness you will need. Therefore, Today we will discuss the different states in meditation and notes for meditation. BTW before reading this blog, I recommend you read my other blog about meditation first. And tried out meditation for some time :)

States of meditation So, recently I found out states of meditation. This give a clear overview of meditation and also were you are going to build do. I recommend doing every state for one month and than move on to the next. If didn’t do it a day. Begin over. Because you really need to build a habit around meditation.

State 1 (Basic)
In this state you sit down. Close your eyes or ope…