7 Easy Ways to Step Up Your Note-Taking Game

When I was in middle school I didn’t took a lot of notes, even when the teacher said me so :0. I thought they weren’t relevant to my study-sessions. However, they are really important. It is the way to speed ups your learning and remembering. It is THE key to success for learning. So, today you are going to step up your notes to a whole new level!

How you can create amazing notes,

1,  Use bullet points or numbered points. This will give you a better overview over your notes. And it is easier to find something you wrote down.

2,  Use different colors. If you have colored pens use them, this way you will distinguish the words better between the raw text. You can do this for definitions, formulas and important words ect. Also you can highlight but I don’t recommend it for notes which you are going to study because you won’t recall the information in that way.

3,  Don’t write everything down. You just can’t keep up when someone is talking to you to write everything down. Also it look me…

4 Valuable eye-opening tips for a better social life

In the beginning of middle school, I wasn’t really social and I didn’t have many friends. But after a while I learned to be more social and got better friends. As a result I learned which people I didn’t want to hang around and which I really wanted to hang around. Therefore today we are going to discuss valuable ways to win friends. With the credits for the book “How to win and influence friends” which I really recommend.

Let's begin,

1, Smile. Most people underestimate smiling, but it is one of the most important skills to use to make a great first impression. It doesn’t matter if you have fancy clothes on, because all it is about is the smile on your face. Since I know that smiling is a great thing to use. I became happier because of smiling that often. The importance of smiling is so important to making new friends :)

 “Don’t criticize them; they are just what we would be under similar circumstances.”
2, Don’t criticize.
As Lincoln explained. I think it is true, that we can…

Effective memory; The self-growth-journal pt 2

Back again with part two :) In this part you are going to know how to start your own journal. A journal were you’ll feel at home. One which fits exactly in your lifestyle. With all the prompts and sections you want. I have set down a concept which you can take inspiration from but I also learn you to make it yours. Because it will be your own life book. The extern brain of yours.

To start your journal,
You of course need a notebook. I prefer one, with blank pages. And a portable size. But you’ll have to figure out what works for you. After that you’ll need to find inspiration to see what you want your self-growth-journal to look like. Try youtube or Pinterest. Or look at my concept down below. Find concepts and sections you want to include in your journal such as a gratitude section, or a favorite list of things.

Once you figured out which style, concepts and sections you want to include you can start by making a index. First you have to decided how many pages each section needs. And…

Effective memory; The self-growth-journal pt 1

I always had a journal, but I admit never organized it. After watching youtube videos and doing research. I had the motivation to start one myself. One, where I could put all my knowledge into, and where I could write all the things I want to. This is part-one in part-two I will talk about how you can create a brilliant journal where you will feel at home. I think I have found my way in journalling, hopefully you will do after this serie. So, Today I will share you why you will benefits from creating your own self-growth journal.

Why you should consider starting a journal,

1, You will increase your own memory up till 90%. Studies shows us that by writing and thinking it down you will grow your memory and remember more. So you will still know what that book is about you read last year. And remember when your friends birthday is ;)

2, You will discover yourself more and more. By writing down thoughts and emotions. You will see how you behave and will learn from your own experience. Si…

The game of money

I, myself, had never a good view about money. Money just was there to get me something. My parents always bought things for me. Last week started thinking about it what it is and why people have so many problems with it. Because I thought is was just simple, but is it?

The problem with money

These days people are getting more and more materialism (including myself). Materialism means that people buy this because of emotional triggers such as breaking up, thinking they will be more fulfilled.
And to solve this problem you certainly don’t have to buy things. You have to look at yourself. Look at your inner game. Look at what kind of beliefs you have about money. And perhaps write them down. Think by yourself about your own long term view. Because thats what counts. Not your fulfillment at that time. I know it is hard, I have been there myself. But you can do this, you can start right now.
And if you aren’t buying because of emotional triggers, good job!

The definition of money

Money is f…

The power of meditation

I became a happier, better and relaxed teenager after meditating for two months. It was so simple, unbelievable. In the beginning I struggled with my thoughts. However, after a while I could just enjoy the silence. Today, I will tell you how and why you should start meditating. So you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Why you should consider starting meditating ,

1) You will be more happier and less stressed. The experience of meditation gives you the feeling of being your best self. Your happiest and relaxed self.

2) You willl be more aware of things that happen around you. Because meditation trains your brain to be aware and focus on what is happening around it, you’ll be more aware. Therefore you will enjoy the little things in life more and more. Enjoy the silence.

3) You will improve your focus and you will be more productive. Meditation will let you sit still and concentrate on one thing, being aware. One study (1) shows by meditation for only about 10 minutes each day yo…

The importance of reading

Today were are going to discuss the importance of reading. Reading has been in our lives since the middle ages but it faded a way in the begining of this century. Mainly under teenagers it isn't popular anymore. Therefore I wanted you to show the importance of reading. Because a lot of people don't see the use in books nowadays. So let's get started,
Reading has a lot of benefits to the mind. The first benefit is that the mind needs the practice of reading to sense the words it sees. It develops the ability to connect the words to images in the head. So how more you read how faster and better you will read. And it will give you a bigger arsenal of vocabulary. Further reading create the ability to focus better and really listen to people in general. Because you train your brain to concentrate on one thing at a time. It also improves your memory because when we read, we are using our memory muscle. Joseph ones used a great metaphor, which explains it all;
“Reading is to t…